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Families with no students currently in school

The Information You Need

1. Fill out the above application.


2. Administrator will contact the parents to set up an appointment to visit the school. If there is a furthered interest in the school a second interview will be set.

3. The second interview will include : the child applying for admission, both parents, the school administrator, and a member of the School Board. 

4. The School Board will then meet, either in special session or at a regular meeting, and approve or disapprove the application based upon the recommendations of the committee who interviewed the parents and student, prior academic record of the student, and other background information.

 5. If approved by the School Board, admission will be for an indefinite probationary period, as the Board reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time they may deem necessary.



Parents will be asked to honestly answer the following types of questions during the interview(s) and application process:

1. Do either, or both of you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?

 2. Do you attend church regularly? Where?

 3. Why did you select this school for your child?

 4. Has your child ever been suspended, expelled, or refused admission to another school? If yes, explain.

 5. Has your child ever been a discipline problem at school? If yes, explain.

 6. Has your child ever been in trouble with the law? If yes, explain.

 8. Has your child ever used, or is he/she now using tobacco, alcoholic beverages,  

     or illegal drugs of any kind? If yes, explain.

 9. Has your child ever repeated a grade in school? If yes, explain.

10. How would you describe the current level of your child’s academic work? 

11. Does your child desire to attend the Copper Country Christian School? Why or why not.


Each student making application to the Copper Country Christian School (to the extent that they are able to comprehend) will be required to honestly answer the following questions:

  1. Are you a born-again Christian?

  2. Do you accept the Bible as God’s Word and submit yourself to its principles as the final authority?

  3. Do you sincerely desire to live a godly life at home, at school, and elsewhere?

  4. Do you agree not to smoke or chew tobacco; drink alcohol; or use, sell, or condone illegal drugs in any way? 

  5. Do you agree to dress according to standards established by the school?

  6. Do you agree to respect the authority of those placed over you, whether paid school staff or volunteers, and obey them  

  with a proper attitude?

  7. Do you agree to perform all tasks assigned to you to the best of your ability?

  8. Do you desire to attend Copper Country Christian School? Explain why or why not.

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